Azure Cloud Data Engineer Training Curriculum


Azure Cloud Data Engineer Training Curriculum

This comprehensive training curriculum is designed to equip aspiring data engineers with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the field of cloud data engineering using Microsoft Azure.

The course spans ten modules, each meticulously structured to build a robust understanding of Azure services, data engineering principles, and real-world application.

Students are expected to learn:

Module 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing and Azure
• Overview of Cloud Computing
• Introduction to Azure Services and Infrastructure

Module 2: Core Azure Services
• Azure Compute Services (VMs, Azure Functions)
• Azure Storage Options (Blob, File, Queue, Table)
• Azure Networking Basics

Module 3: Working with Data in Azure
• Introduction to Azure SQL Database
• Exploring Azure Cosmos DB
• Data Storage and Management

Module 4: Data Engineering on Azure
• Understanding Azure Data Factory
• Data Integration and ETL Processes
• Working with Azure Databricks

Module 5: Big Data and Analytics
• Azure Synapse Analytics
• Big Data Storage and Processing with Azure HDInsight
• Real-time Analytics with Azure Stream Analytics

Module 6: Data Security and Compliance
• Azure Security Center and Key Vault
• Data Protection and Encryption
• Compliance, Privacy, and Data Protection Standards

Module 7: Advanced Data Solutions
• Machine Learning with Azure ML
• AI Capabilities on Azure
• Advanced Analytics Techniques

Module 8: DevOps for Data Engineering
• Introduction to DevOps on Azure
• CI/CD Pipelines with Azure DevOps
• Infrastructure as Code with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates

Module 9: Troubleshooting, and Optimization
• Monitoring Data Solutions with Azure Monitor
• Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning
• Cost Management and Optimization

Module 10: Capstone Project and Certification Preparation
• Real-world Project Scenarios
• Preparing for the Azure Data Engineer Certification Exams

*When students complete this course, they will have acquired the skills and knowledge needed for the job. 

How will your training take place?

The length of the program is 200 clock hours (175 training/25 interview preparation)

Our students

Anatoly G. Application Developer at CARDONE Industries USA

“My employer was impressed that ICCT School SQL Server courses had prepared me for real-world situations. He liked that I learned not only good programming practices but also management aspects of software development such as application configuration and SQL Server. The breadth of topics covered in the SQL program has provided me an upper-hand relative people with a more narrow skill set.”

Lana K. Database Administrator at Tokio Marine North American Services

“The ICCT Program Diploma provided me with useful and marketable skills in both the university and business worlds. During my attendance at ICCT, I was able to concurrently learn the skills being taught in the ICCT program and apply those skills. Those skills also separated me from the competition when interviewing for jobs after graduating, making me a more desirable candidate. The variety of topics covered provided me the programming and SQL foundation required to succeed in today’s technology market. I would recommend the ICCT Diploma because of the exciting nature of the topics covered and the invaluable, industry applicable skills that provide an edge against the competition. ”

Emilia V. System Engineer at local Philadelphia company

“Enrolling and completing the ICCT School SQL Server Diploma opened many doors while I was in school and even more after I graduated. The skills taught in the courses gave me a leg up on the competition when it came to finding a decent well-paying job after graduating ICCT. I have no doubt that the skills I employed during my interviews can be attributed to my experiences in ICCT classes. I would recommend the ICCT School path to anyone looking for a position in Programming.“

Peter B. System Developer and Prod IT NPS Liasion at Almac Clinical Technologies, PA

“In studying at ICCT I received the knowledge that I need to begin my stable career in an unstable economy. I acquired a Diploma in SQL Server and .NET as well as all of the skills I needed to find the answers to any questions that I have while developing Software at my current company. The instructors are quite intelligent and care that you get the most out of your education and that your time spent there is efficient and productive. The school facilitates an environment that makes you WANT to learn. They are up to date with all of their technology and applications which is very helpful in giving you the experience that you need for the real world. I would and do, recommend this school to anyone looking to get into the “booming” IT field. The job possibilities after ICCT are endless with the knowledge that you acquire here.“

Gene L. Database Analyst at local Philadelphia company.

“ICCT MS SQL Server program was very well structured. Lectures and labs were delivered by highly experienced instructors using real life business scenarios. Small classes combined with a very well balanced syllabus provided outstanding hands-on Database development and Administration training and I always could get answers I needed. Examples used by instructors were based on real industry experience and prepared me very well. Program also included very in-demand Integration and Reporting training which really helped me in the workplace.“

Certificate ICCT

This document will demonstrate successful completion of the training and qualifications obtained to perform a job. This will give you a competitive advantage to other candidates that are looking for similar positions.