Intensive American English

Intensive American English

  • On-line with live instructors from American colleges
  • Cutting-edge advanced methodology
  • Headed by professors, Ivy-league university graduates
  • 40+ years of Linguistic research & teaching experience

Join intensive American English virtual classes and let us help you achieve your life’s goals. ICCT curriculum features lessons conducted by world-class American college instructors, each with years of experience teaching English to learners of all proficiency levels.

The IEP is an immersive English program with:

  • Interactive intensive online learning
  • American cultural activities
  • Small class sizes (typically 10 to 15 students)
  • State-of-the-art language methodology
  • Experienced faculty with college degrees

How do I join the program?

  1. Fill out application on-line
  2. You will be contacted via email to set up an interview, orientation and placement.
  3. Get your schedule with email instructions how to join your class.
  4. Enjoy your classes.

What will I do in a virtual class?

  • Study in small groups of 10-15 students
  • Engage in conversations with native speakers
  • Learn language tools (listening, reading, speaking, writing with correct grammar and idioms)
  • Learn to discuss everyday life as well as present ideas in academic & business settings
  • Learn to express an argument and develop it by appropriate reasoning
  • Write convincing paragraphs
  • Succeed in new cultural settings

How much does it cost?

  • $17.00/h of instruction (group lesson) if prepaid for 1month.
  • $20.00/h of instruction (group lesson) prepaid for 2 classes
  • $50.00/h of individual training, prepaid for two classes.

Length of the program and classes?

  • Beginner course – 2 modules of three months each.
  • Intermediate course – 2 modules of 2 months each.

Length of one class is 2 hours. Classes occur twice a week.

IEP Curriculum

Beginner Module 1 curriculum:

Integrated skills classes developing listening, speaking, reading, writing skills, basic Grammar, basic American idioms, topics covering everyday life settings.

Beginner Module 2 curriculum:

Integrated skills classes building up more complex listening, speaking, reading, writing skills, Grammar, American idioms, topics covering cultural aspects of American life, readings from famous American authors.

Intermediate Module 1 curriculum:

Integrated skills classes developing more advanced listening, speaking, reading, writing skills, advanced Grammar, American idioms as a way to express oneself clearly and naturally, topics covering cultural, business, political, academic/college life in the US.

Intermediate Module 2 curriculum:

Integrated skill classes further developing advanced intermediate listening, speaking, reading, writing skills, Advanced Grammar, enhancing spoken English abilities and building confidence as communicators, American idioms for effective communication, learning American English through popular topics discussed on American news & social media, learning and practicing skills in developing and defending arguments, logical reasoning, readings from famous American authors.