IT Diploma Program Cost

Payment Plan

Payment Due DateDue Amount
1st Semester 
Deposit & Registration Fee (nonrefundable)$1,000.00
2 weeks before start data$4,000.00
10th of 1st month$1,300.00
10th of 2nd month$1,300.00
10th of 3rd month$1,200.00
10th of 4th monthx
2nd Semester 
10th of 5th month$3,900.00
10th of 6th month$1,700.00
10th of 7th month$1,600.00
10th of 8th monthx
10th of 9th monthx

Deposit (nonrefundable) is due at the signing, which includes registration, processing fees and admission deposit used towards tuition at start of classes.

Payment arrangements should be made by the due date. Overdue accounts will be assigned late fees: Grace Period - 4 business days, if payment is late more than 4 business days- late fee $100.00 (subject to change without prior notice, non-refundable) Accounts over two months due will be sent to an outside collection agency and a 25% collection fee as well as attorney fees (if necessary) will be assigned.