At ICCT, we are proud to offer students courses in JavaScript; one of the top 5 programming languages. By learning the JavaScript language, students can acquire essential skills needed to be successful as a developer in the programming space.

In addition to the ability to create web applications, JavaScript develops can also create/program other applications with specialized tools taught here at ICCT.

While learning JavaScript, students will create the following real-life applications:

  • FAQ
  • Registration  
  • Image Swap
  • Slide Show

During this course, students are expected to learn:

  • How a web application works
  • Components of a JavaScript applications
  • How to include JavaScript in an HTLM document
  • JavaScript Syntax
  • How to work with data
  • Conditional expressions
  • Basic control statements
  • How to work with arrays in JavaScript
  • Objects, functions, events in JavaScript
  • How to test and debug JavaScript application
  • DOM (Document Object Model)
  • Script forms and controls
  • How to work with images and timers

$600 per course
20 clock hours